Where on Google Earth #600

Ello, Geofolk.

After a good 20 minutes spinning the GE globe, I managed to identify Ron Schott’s WOGE #599 as north-east Russia. I had somewhat of an advantage here as I fly over Russia regularly, and the interlocking spurs, barren mountaintops and sparsely vegetated and snow-dusted riverbanks all looked very familiar to me.

I am now happy to present a 600-post milestone in the history of WOGE – number 600.

Simply identify the location below, providing latitude and longitude and a brief description about why this location is geologically interesting or significant.

So spin the globe over the myriad of landscapes, crawl the web for any information you can, and breathe a deep sigh of relief when you find the mystery location.

Happy hunting!




4 thoughts on “Where on Google Earth #600

  1. Lat (WGS84) N55:42:48 (55.713396)
    Long (WGS84) W5:14:09 (-5.235887)
    Lat,Long 55.713396,-5.235887
    Nat Grid NR968514 / NR9682551408

    North coast of Arran, between Cock of Arran and Laggan, a couple of km E of Hutton’s Unconformity. There is a fine large arthropod trackway within Namurian rocks at Laggan (Briggs, Rolfe and Brannan, 1979), part of which is in on display in the Hunterian Museum, but most is still magnificently visible in the field.


  2. Wooo! Now I need to find somewhere suitable, and then find out how to post pic and info here: can you email guidance?


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